Monday, December 5, 2011

Motorcycle Man or Mama?

So, when I saw this uber-awesome retro Kawasaki belt buckle in the display case at the thrift, I had to have it.  I asked my friend the cashier to hold it for me while I shopped, and she did.  When I checked out, she added the price to the bill and slipped it into my bag.  Did I inspect my purchase before buying?  No.  Bad, bad girl!
When I got home and turned it over, this is what I saw.  No, I didn't have a gorgeous vintage belt buckle after all.  I have a gorgeous Lucky Brand belt buckle, and absolutely no one I know who'd appreciate it!
Do you have a motorcycle man or mama in your life who would swoon over this buckle?  If so, leave a comment with who it is and why they would like it--- I'd be so happy to send this off to someone who would love it.  It's just too cool to re-donate!


Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

Aaw, Jennie.

You are a bad girl not checking! But then i do that all the time lol
(not check i mean :o))

Have a great day my lovely,
and take care,

Donna xxOOxx

Heathcliff said...

My brother is a motorcycle man and has ridden Kawasaki bikes for as long as I can remember. He's leaving us here in North Carolina for a job in Minneapolis and would love this as a little reminder of back home. If you still have it I'd like to make a deal. Super cool stuff you have on here. A keen-eyed shopper you are indeed.

Jennie said...

Heathcliff!!! I just now saw your comment- it got stuck in my spam box!! I would love to get this to you/your brother... how can I get in touch with you??? You can email me at So excited!!