Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year Ready

For the past two years I have been caught on January 1st without a new wall calendar.  This time, I'm prepared!  I loved the one I found last year so much that I ordered another for 2012.  Large boxes, pockets, a pen holder, and stickers!  Joy!
On the off chance that you haven't gotten one yet, I highly recommend the *Do It All* organizational calendar from Orange Circle Studio.  Just click on the logo above to see the one that I will be using.  I've already filled it in with all of my January holidays and appointments.  Maybe I'm strange, but I just love a brand new calendar.  Ok, maybe there is no "maybe" about it.  Any other calendar lovers out there?  If you already have yours, what will you be using this year?

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Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

These are so neat Jennie, and they totally suit your organisational skills too :o)

This year we have a calendar with Cornish seaside scenes on it. I keep the calendar on a door in the kitchen and it'll be lovely this year to turn round and just see a stunning coastal scene from one of our favourite places :o)

Have a great day Jennie :o)