Thursday, December 22, 2011

Thursday's Treasure

Bear with me, I have a little something to crow about!  I ended 2010 with 302 blog posts, and I remember thinking that number would be hard to beat in 2011.  But, I've done it!  With over a week left in 2011, I've already managed 314 posts.  *shakes head in wonder*
As those of you with blogs can attest, it is not an easy feat to blog almost every day.  Sometimes the desire is there but not the time.  Or vice versa.  Sometimes you wonder why you even bother.  More than once I thought I just might take a long blog vacation or throw in the bloggy towel altogether.  I'm so glad I've been able to stick it out, though- and that you have joined me for some or even all of my ramblings.  Thank you. 
And a very special thank you to Donna, my most faithful friend and blog visitor.  I can always count on her to stop in and leave a kind word, and it means the world to me!  {{{Donna}}}
Ever the thinker, now I wonder how I can possibly beat this in 2012.  Oy.  I think I'll try to just revel in this accomplishment for now...
PS: Love the rooster?  Click on the photo to go to kaboodle for more info!


emily said...

Congratulations on such a great blogging year! There are so many people that read your blog that don't comment, so please keep posting! I personally love your Monday Makeovers!

I just saw these and thought of you and your new box of twine:

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

314 + blog posts is amazing Jennie!
I honestly don't know how you do it sometimes!
I think you have plenty to crow about my dear, and I love your little chickee piccy too :o)

Thankyou most kindly for your kind words:o)
As you know, you and your blog cheer me up, and spur me on daily, and I thank goodness that I found you on Etsy! What an inspiration you are lovely Jennie :o)

Now you revel in your accomplishment this evening lovely lady :o)
Love and hugs as always,
Donna xxOOxx

Mom said...

I, for one, am ever so grateful that you keep blogging! It keeps me connected to you!

With your busy life; mother, wife, and self to attend too I wonder where you get the time and energy to keep things in order! Your blogging offers me a glimpse into your dailey life and a peek into what's going on with you and your family Thank you, I appreciate your blog and most of all, YOU!