Sunday, December 2, 2012

On A Whim

I have wanted to stop at this store with the pale pink and black spotted silo for years.  Since it is in between my mom and dad's house and ours, you'd think it would have been easier to schedule a visit.  But, usually we just want to get to our destination.  Today, on my way home with Sophie, she was up for a "girl's adventure".  We had a grand time exploring this adorable shop, and I know anyone in the area would love it as well.  Check the website HERE for some fab photos!
Since I realized that many of the rooms in the barn seemed to be run by different decorators, I asked about it when we were checking out.  Apparently they have a very selective process for how they screen their vendors, but I left my card-  just in case something *soso* catches her eye :)
Come on back tomorrow for Makeover Monday!

1 comment:

Teapot Lane said...

Jennie, it looks like a fabulous shop!! And Sosorosey treasures would fit in there beautifully! I can just see some soso baskets on those beautiful pieces of furniture, and some lovely stars hanging about the place!!

I hope 'Donna' see's that too!!