Thursday, December 6, 2012

Thursday's Treasure

 I'm trying to think of one word to sum up last night's event.  Something honest and positive, or if not positive at least not negative.  It's a tie between "eh" and "slow". 
On the plus side, we got there with plenty of time for Sophie to eat her dinner and get set up.  Since I had stashed all of my stuff at the school earlier in the day, it was pretty easy to round everything up and set it out. 
On the minus side, we had over 20 vendors in one half of a school gymnasium, so we were pretty crammed in.  I had asked to have a bulletin board behind me so that I could hang some stars.   That put me in a back corner, which would have been a nice little nook... if my "neighbor" hadn't pushed her table out by about 3 feet.  I couldn't push out more without blocking the person on my other side, so I was kind of stuck.  It didn't keep people from being able to come over, it just interrupted the natural flow of traffic and more effort had to be made to get close enough to see my stuff.
I was pleased that the people who did stop by were interested in my goodies and complementary in general.  Cards were asked for and given out, so there is the potential for orders down the road. 
So, bottom line, I sold enough to cover my space fee ($25), and made $37 over that.  Was it worth the time and effort?  No.  Am I disappointed?  Slightly.  Yes.  Did I enjoy myself?  Not so much.   Did Sophie enjoy herself?  Definitely yes.  She loved the atmosphere and seeing her friends.  She loved to go shopping by herself over at the kids section.  She loved picking out cookies that the teachers made from the bake sale section. She loved wearing her apron. 
Did I learn anything?  Yep!  Next time I would not want to be in a corner.  I would put prices on individual items versus having a comprehensive price sheet.  For this venue, I would bring only smaller ticket items and more child friendly wares.  Will I do it again?   Highly doubtful.  Am I glad I did it?  Absolutely.  Now I don't have to wonder how it would have been.  Or be disappointed in myself for not giving it a go.   I suppose Thursday's treasure is "I did it, and, it's over".


Proud Mama said...

Thank You for your informative posting today. Considering the situation you were squeezed into, that far back corner, and that you still managed to cover your table cost and still make some dollars is testament to the quality, beauty, and usefulness of your finely crafted items. I think, from the lessons learned part of your posting, you should definitely give it a go again next year! With the both of you having this years experience, you'll go into it with a pros knowledge and the confidence to just relax and enjoy yourself...your small ticket items and your kid friendly wares will do the rest!

Sophie looked adorable in her little apron with her sweet smile and proud to help her customers out attitude is the winningest combination of all! You are a terrific mother and great daughter! You dance!!

Proud Mama said..., can I purchase my bowl, my stars (2/3) and my 1 reindeer ornamanet and 1 reindeer bowl?

Ribbons Undone said...

Oh boy. Your feelings are articulated so well through this post--almost tangible.

By your pictures, your set up looks great (shame on that neighbor). Your soso-vibe shines through! Kudos to you for having a go of it--I'm proud of you, Jennie!

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

I agree whole heartedly with your proud Mama!!

And, yes, your set up does look fantastic!!

Sending you big 'uppy' hugs over that big ole pond :) {{HUGS}}


P.s. LOL to Proud Mamas second comment! :D Bless you both. xx

TACIStudio said...

You presented wonderfully And the people who didn't buy from you don't know what they are missing. It looked wonderful!

Annette - "MyRoseValley" said...

I totally agree. I have done a couple of markets this fall and naaaahhhh... i just don't think people are ready for my stuff or even want to spend money at all. they just kinda look and smile and pass by. Like they are looking for a bargain or something. Come on, we are talking handmade here. Hand made with love and pleasure. Fill your wallet with cash and support your local crafter's or don't come at all. I am also happy I did it, doubt I will do it again. To much work. I'll find other ways of spreading my wings. Good luck on future experiments. Etsy is probably the best place for you like for so many others. :D Thanks for sharing.

gillyflower said...

Glad its not just me that hasnt had huge success this year - not sure the "right" kind of people come to this sort of event.
Your stall looked incredible and your daughter adorable, and how great to have her there with you.
My experience this season has sadly been that most people prefer to pay cheap prices for cheap mass produced China imports, and the few discerning folk who like handmade and recycled at a reasonable price have been happy to pay and generous with their compliments, and those are the folks that matter.I hang on to that.
Don't be downhearted as your stuff is amazing, and stick with what you do. I priced individually this time and had clear price tags by each category and it does help, I also didnt bother to take too many items over £10, and I underpriced some of my stuff (loss leaders?)and it was worth while for me but I know I priced too low so was still kind of disappointing.
So I know how you feel - kind of deflated as it didnt go as well as hoped, and after all that hard work and fun of planning and making and bringing it all together - cos it is fun to make and prepare - thats the best bit!
Gill xx