Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday's Works

A little bird told us that Sophie's teacher's favorite color is blue.  So, my girl and I have been collecting ornaments in various shades, shapes and sizes for a couple of weeks.  This past weekend, I glued the tops on, Mike bent the hanger, and we made this to give her teacher for Christmas.  Hope she likes it!
My other main job recently has been making little salt dough snowmen to give to the teachers from the PTA.  What teacher doesn't like snow, right?  These will be threaded with a bright red ribbon and placed in a glassine bag with a sweet note.  The bags will be finished off with a cute little white clothespin clip that is adorned with a fancy red felt snowflake.   I dusted these guys with white/opalescent glitter - their subtle shine makes them extra special.  25 done, 50 more to go!
What craftiness have YOU been up to lately?


Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Hey crafty Jennie!! These are so coool!!
Love all those blues, and pretty please can we have a piccy of the snowmen in all their finery? :D

Happy evening our Jennie.

ma said...

Well, the crafts that I've been up to lately are nothing compared to your gems!! The wreath is beautiful and Sophie's teacher will love it....and the snowmen cute!! You are a crafter extraordinaire!! me one of the snowmen? :)

Ribbons Undone said...

Such beautiful winter wonderland gifts. Did you bake the snowmen? What glitter did you use? Curious--looks like a fun project I could do with my own kids.

How about a little how-to, Jennie?

Jennie said...

Victoria~ I used Shari's blog tutorial found here:

I got my glitter at the craft store- it doesn't even have a brand name- just says "glitter" on the front. These do get put in the over, but only on 200, so any glitter should work fine :) I found that the smaller size cookie cutters worked best for my project- the larger ones produce ornaments that are too heavy for my taste.