Sunday, August 11, 2013

Special Day

Today is Mom's birthday!  We spent it looking for shells at the beach, trying somewhere new for lunch, and having a blast at the arcade in the evening.  It's always a little weird to have your birthday when you're away from home, but it makes it kind of extra exciting, too.  Here are a few shots from our day at the beach

Tomorrow is our last day of vacation.  We have a full day planned- beach in the morning and a dolphin cruise in the evening.  Here's hoping we get some cute dolphin photos to share- I know a special someone who really loves them :)


Runs With Scissors said...

Thank you so much for sharing your sunshine! Wish I was there!

Retro Wren said...

This looks gorgeous dear jennie!
Love, love, love the photos!

I hope you had the best day ever today as well. Sounds wonderful to go on a dolphin cruise!
A special someone is in awe of such a thing and she hopes you get to see them, and maybe even get some photos !
Have a safe journey hope my sweet.


Retro Wren said...

Grrrrr.. To spell check. Lol.

Safe journey HOME I mean :)

Love n huge hugs,

gburgma said...

Dearest Girl,

How I enjoyed your several days of posts!! I've been absent from them for whatever busy reason but I have missed them and was so happy to catch up with all your photos and adventures! Thanks for all of your comments and ramblings that keep us all so energized and anxious for the next installment! Great Job!

PussDaddy said...

Happy belated birthday Mom!