Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thursday's Treasure

We had our new student orientation last night at Sophie's new school.  She was given a school t-shirt and a tour of the school from the principal.  There were refreshments served, and kids and parents were encouraged to ask any questions they could think of.  We left feeling very comfortable with how to get around, and we even got to sneak in a "hello" to Sophie's teacher who was busily putting the finishing touches on her classroom set up.
My girl awoke this morning at 6:22, and was making her bed before I could even get up the stairs to greet her.  She was breakfasted, dressed and ready a full 45 minutes before it was time to leave for the bus stop!  The bus finally arrived- it seemed to take forever since we were there 14 minutes early and it was 6 minutes late. 
So, aaaaah.  The treasure of the first day of school.  I can't wait to hear all about it this afternoon, but until then, I will savor every moment of peace and quiet :)


nana said...

My girl looks happy enough for her very first day of school....given what a hectic, anxious, and scary summer that she's had and then to be scooting off to a brand new school in a brand new location in a brand new area....girl has guts....know what I mean...guts and gumption...that's my girl! Am very proud of her and she looked lovely this morning for the beginning of her new school year!

Ribbons Undone said...

I'm touched by this post. She looks so confident standing there waiting for that bus. Does she ride the bus with a new friend?

Tell Sophie I will be waaaay more nervous going back to school! I'm gonna be the "new kid" myself this year!

Jennie said...

Yep- she does have courage and get up and go! Just like her Nana :)

Victoria- Sophie did recently make a friend at the pool who is on her bus. Lily is new to the school as well, though she is from this area and just transferred to public from private. The girls rode together this afternoon and I was happy for Sophie to have a seatmate :) You are going to ROCK that new job!! Congratulations!!

Retro Wren said...

Sounds like you had a great welcome to your new school?

Can't wait to hear how it went my sweets.