Thursday, August 1, 2013

Thursday's Treasure

Say what you will about Ikea furniture, assembly, directions, what have you.  They sure make it easy to turn a house into a home on a budget! 
This is a previously boring white wall and door in my smallish kitchen.  The chalkboard ($15) was purchased on a whim and has become a really sweet way for *us girls* to leave messages for each other.  The pot rack ($15) is such a versatile, strong place to hang all sorts of special goodies.  Who knew a person could love a metal shelf with S hooks so much?
What are your favorite Ikea finds?


Retro Wren said...

Hey, you've made my day for the second day running!

Yay! For two posts from you dearest jennie. So good to have you in your home place :)

Love the makings of your new home. Thank you so much for sharing!

Much love my sweet.

Runs With Scissors said...

I purchased two storage units from Ikea and LOVE them! Was remodeling my master bedroom and needed some updated storage for my closet, they are strong and well made, easy enough for me to put together myself and plenty of room. Now I want more!

Good thing I don't have an Ikea nearby, think I'd spend a lot of time in there!

Keep up the great work, your photos are great and I love seeing how you decorate, so beautiful!

Jennie said...

Thanks Donna and Karen! Karen- I took Ikea for granted when I lived 15 minutes away from one. I'm going back to visit this weekend, and I am definitely looking into office storage solutions. More on that later ;)