Thursday, August 15, 2013

Well, Dang

I've been getting on my mom's case for not leaving blog comments lately.  I mean, c'mon!  I don't get many comments in general, so I should be able to count on my mom, am I right?  Well, tonight over dinner, she informed me that she tried to leave me a comment recently and it didn't "take".  And then she tried again today with the same problem.  I'll admit, I chalked it up to technical difficulties of the senior kind, but I told her I would check to see if they had been sent to my blog's "awaiting moderation" area.
Boy am I a ding dong!  Not only did I find several comments from Mom in that Blogger twilight zone, I also found some beautiful sentiments from several other people.  26 lovely comments, to be exact, that I did not see until tonight. Arghhh!
So, Jessi, Donna, Cher, Victoria, Puss-Daddy, Gillyflower, Mom, Van and anyone else this may have happened to- please accept my sincere apologies.  All 26 of those comments have now been published, and I am obviously going to have to be better at checking that moderation box.  My settings changed recently, and with the move, I really hadn't noticed.  I appreciate the love, kindness, humor and encouragement you have all shared more than you will ever know.  xoxoxo


PussDaddy said...

Well think of it as a delayed happy thing. LOL. Maybe you needed to read 'em more now than you did then.


Jennie said...

I like the way you think, PD- always have, always will!

Cher said...

So happy you are enjoying life. I keep up every day with your posts. Had the pleasure of seeing your mom Tues. She is such a kick.

cher said...

oops saw your mom Thurs not Tues. Yada, another senior moment!

gillyflower said...

Well better late than never Jennie!
And good on your lovely Mom for leaving comments - my Mum, bless her, wouldnt have a clue how to!
Have a good weekend Jennie
Gill xx

Taciana Simmons said...

That is great that u found them... It's so nice to know people care about you and your work. :)

Donna xxooxx said...

Hey my lovely, don't be hard on yourself over it. It's not like you haven't had enough to do and think about lately!

Besides we love you whether you publish our comments or not :)

Happy weekend my sweet. Xxooxx