Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

I have been "tagged" twice now, so I figure I'd better get on it! Both Linda at LindaButterfly and Karen at RunsWithScissors4 have tasked me with revealing 6 little known items of potential interest about myself. Thank you ladies for this honor! I hope these factoids are enjoyable.

At the end of this post, I will list a few blogs that I will be tagging. If you are on this list, the way I understand it, you are to do what I am doing here- write about yourself on your blog, link back to me, and then tag some unsuspecting blog owners of your own.

So, here goes- in no particular order whatsoever:

1. I have a tattoo on my back/left shoulder of two swallows in flight. I got it when I was 21, so, um...awhile ago. I found the design in a book and brought it to the artist. He did an amazing job, and I still love it after all of these years. According to lore, swallows are the only birds that shed their plumage in the winter. This represents the shedding of material possessions and the importance of the inner self.

2. My favorite place in the entire world is Moab, Utah. I first visited in the early 90s, and have gone back almost annually ever since. I even moved to Salt Lake City when I was in my mid-twenties- just to be as close as possible to those wide open spaces and high red rock desert. When I moved back East I filled this cruet with some precious red dirt so that I would always have a little part of it with me.

3. I am an only child and a "Navy brat". We did two tours in Naples, Italy when I was in preschool and elementary school. I went to ELEVEN different schools before 9th grade.

4. I had a wild love affair with white water rafting in my mid to late twenties. Thank goodness I'm still here to tell the tale; I rafted some of the largest rapids in North America including several stretches of the Colorado River, The New River, and the entire Gauley River. Oh, and I can't swim.

5. I camped my way across America with two girlfriends after graduating from the University of Virginia. I have also driven solo from Virginia to Moab, Utah and back. I have been in every US State except for Maine, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and Hawaii.

6. And last, but certainly not least, I have eaten freshly killed rattlesnake cooked over a campstove on the banks of the Colorado River. This was a particularly aggressive guy, and we couldn't have him slithering around our campsite being nasty. I keep his skin and rattler in a little wooden box to remind me of my adventurous days.
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juliaa said...

this is great to read such interesting factoids about your past. you sound like you used to be quite an adventurer!

what does rattlesnake taste like?

Jennie said...

It tastes like chicken, of course!! Thanks for reading this, juliaa :) Once an adventurer always an adventurer- I would put motherhood up there with the greatest adventures of my life!

Sarah Jane said...

OMG, what fascinating stuff! You've had such wonderful adventures. :D

We filled a jar with PEI red dirt when we visited the island on our way from Nova Scotia to Alberta. :) I have no idea if we still have it or not, lol.

jessijewels said...

well, well, well.... just when i thought we all knew ya!
i agree, what an adventurer!!! you brave girl you! thanks for sharing your stories. :) xo

Linda said...

Ooooh, I want to have had your adventures! I want to wold water raft, I want to go across America.....
I agree about the motherhood aspect.

Marvelous post and worth the wait Jennie.

RunsWithScissors said...

Hey, you were tagged twice! I think you need to list 12 things about you :o)

Ew, rattlesnake? This all is very interesting, explains a lot!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for tagging me!! You brought me out of my blogging lull! It was a fun post to do. Your post was very interesting!

Schar Freeman said...

Yahoo girl you susre do know how to live...ww rafting and not knowing how to! Interesting to find out more about soso-jennie :-)