Thursday, November 6, 2008

Please Vote...For Me!!!

As my good friend Nikki recently said, you've already done it once this week so come on and do it again! You won't have to wait in any traffic or long lines for this contest, either!

The photo above is my entry in the Etsyfriends Team November Challenge. Any member wishing to participate was tasked with coming up with an original item to match the theme "thankful for friends". I spent many, many hours cutting and crocheting eight different fabrics to create these bowls. I spent almost as long writing the description! For anyone wondering, BFF stands for Best Friends Forever... that's cool crowd lingo :)

In order to vote, go to and check out the special edition post at the top. You will see each of the entries, and get a chance to read a little blurb about each one. Below the entries, there are the prizes listed that each shop is donating. You can win a prize just for voting!! Better yet, you can gather up more chances to win by posting comments about your favorite items in all of the participating shops!!

If you are not an old hat at blogging, or reading blogs, it may seem a little confusing to vote at first. It's not too hard, though. Just go to the very end of the special edition post where it says *comments* in pink. Click there, and you will be taken to the comment sheet. There you can read what others have said and voted for, and you can place your own vote by writing in your favorite entry (subliminal hint: upcycled BFF bowl set). Be sure to leave your email or shop link so that you can be notified upon (hopefully) winning a prize. If you are not a blogger, just leave your comment as name/url. You can leave your shop link in the url slot, or just leave it blank.

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to ask! I would love to win, but I also just want to share the Etsyfriends Team talent. Lots of us worked very hard to create fun challenge entries, and I think you will really enjoy looking through my friend's shops :)


Kaleidoscope Korner said...

you rock woman!! but, in Lilos' words(Lilo & Stitch)..."you're going down!!" lol

RunsWithScissors said...

Absolutely wonderful work! BFF, great theme!

Linda said...

I'd vote for you Jennie but am not in US.

Jennie said...

Thank you Karen and Linda- I appreciate your support!

And dear Nikki, here I was thinking this was a friendly competition :)

jessijewels said...

blog is lookin' good kid! thanks for the mini exposure. :) big hugs!!!!!!!

xo -j

Mannie Vincent said...

Good luck to ya, Jen!