Monday, November 17, 2008

Primitives Live!

I have trouble pigeonholing my work into any specific category, but if pressed to do so, I would think that it would be primitive folk art. Or maybe shabby chic style. Or maybe cottage eclectica. Heck, why don't I go all out and call it primitive shabby chic cottage folk art & eclectica? Eh, too long.

Whatever you call my style of work, it can now be found on page 2 of the *primitive* gift guide on Etsy. This is a newer gift guide, geared toward hot trends, and I am proud as a peacock to have my upcycled ornaments included in the collection.

The gift guides are somewhat of a mystery; you never know when you have had an item included, and if you find out, you never know who chose you to be there or why. Well, you know someone in admin chose you, and you hope it's because something about your work caught their eye. At any rate, it's a huge honor, and I intend to savor it while it lasts!

Those red gingham ornaments are a one of a kind set, so once they are gone, so is my place in that gift guide. I'll be a little sad about that, but I do hope someone gives them a nice home for the holidays :)


Kelly said...

That is awesome! Congrats!

I had to read this entry as I spent the morning tea/coffee/cinnamon dyeing a cast off shirt of my husband's. I am making primitive pillow ornaments for his mom! :o)

And his mom is the first bowlie I ordered from you... the red, white and blue one!

So I can see your items fitting in the primitive category as well as the others you mentioned as his mom LOVES primitive...

Congrats again! :o)

Melissa said...

Yay! Congrats on making it into the Gift Guides :)

Mannie Vincent said...


Linda said...

Marvelous for you, Jennie!