Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bitten by the Treasury Bug

No, I didn't leave out a photo on purpose- it only looks that way. I've been bitten by the treasury bug. If I hadn't seen this happen to someone else recently, I would be completely confounded. As it is, I am only semi-confounded.
I'm so disappointed that this happened; with the 12th picture this would have been a FP collection for sure. Well, I like to think so. Please click on the photo to visit and click around if you have time, though...there are some amazing artists represented.

This beautiful work by is what SHOULD have been in the blank spot. Hopefully you can imagine it! Do click on the photo or the link to visit this unique shop; she deserves that and more for getting bumped out of this collection.


aandboriginals said...

Did you try adding it again?

Jennie said...

Angela, I have tried EVERYTHING! It's like the space itself is just gone. If I try to move a photo in from my alternates, it just switches out the photo above or below the space. So frustrating!!

aandboriginals said...

wow that is strange, but it is beautiful anyway!!!

CelticKnot said...

Beautiful treasury, Jennie! I'm sorry Etsy nibbled on it.