Friday, July 17, 2009

Fabulous Finds

It was a banner day at the thrift store today! I mean, will you LOOK at these vintage sheets? The top one is washed out in this photo, but it has a beautiful sparkling white background.
~*~ I wish I knew a quick and easy way to "date" sheets. This one is bordering on antique, I just know it. What an unbelievable color and pattern combo! I got the whole set on this one...maybe for a rug or project keeper in the future.

This is a real oldie, too. Who can resist a sweet little red-haired imp? These colors will look awesome once worked up. Ooh, a tutu bowl perhaps?


Had any fab finds of your own lately? Do share- I love to live vicariously through other thrifters!!


CelticKnot said...

Lovely finds, Jennie! The first one is, hands down, my favorite. I'm looking forward to the Makeover Monday on that one. :-) I recently found some great spice jars at a thrift store, and I plan to use them for stars once my shop is back up and running.

Angela said...

I haven't been thrift shopping in a I will have to live through you! Great finds!

Cottage In The Sun said...

I love vintage sheets! Those are great - I think animal prints are so fun!