Monday, July 6, 2009

Makeover Monday: 7/6

The Craft Hope book project is moving right along! I have heard back from Jade Sims and the Lark editors with feedback about my upcycled child's slipper project, and I've also signed my contract! The editors would like the slippers for the book to be made in bright, super kid-friendly colors. I made it my mission last week to find the perfect fabric; what could be better than a child's bedsheet?!


This sheet is full of such happy colors, isn't it? I spent the day working with it yesterday. The hardest part about crocheting for publication for me is having to constantly interrupt the creative process to write down every last direction as I am making the item. I want to just MAKE, y'know? But, great instructions and photos of every step are, of course, a must.


Here is slipper number one that will be sent in for the book! I just have to photograph the binding process for slipper number two, and I will be all set. Well, then I'll need to translate my shorthand to write out the thorough directions. But, whew!, I have until August for that!


Sarah Jane said...

Wow! Awesome!!! :D

Definitely a perfect colour choice, and the slipper looks great!

Congrats on getting that contract signed, and on another successful Makeover Monday! :D

Schar Freeman said...

Woohoo love th is lil slippah jennie! It amazes me just how the patterns turn in the weaving process. I hope these are a huge hit for you..great idea!!

CelticKnot said...

Love it! The colors are wonderful and the slipper looks so comfy. Great job!

proudofu said...

It's just the most perfect type of craft to make for charity... something so completely useful, is much needed, and so very, very, cute! I can imagine how proud the recipient will be, to wearing such fine slippers! Bravo to you!!

BusyBeadLady said...

I love them.

whiteplum said...

oh my! i had those exact sheets when i was a child - and a comforter to match! i think it came from domestications! ahhh, the 80's...

love your work, girl!