Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Full Circle

I went to college in the late eighties at the University of Virginia. Waaaaay back then, there was a rivalry between our school and the *other* state school down the highway...Virginia Tech. I'm *pretty* sure this still exists today.

I embraced the rivalry when I was in school, just for the fun of it. I even had a license plate that said "No Hokie"! Said license plate was later stolen after a Uva/Tech football game weekend. Go figure!


So, how interesting to get a request from a Hokie this week- for a custom nest bowl set in, you guessed it, maroon and orange (Va Tech colors). I had to giggle to myself. I love the idea of making these in school colors, though- what a great gift! So today I say: Go Hokies! Isn't it funny the way life goes sometimes?
*Hmm...running off to add that Dave Matthews song to my playlist....


Anonymous said...

What a wonderfully creative idea! I love it! How useful to have a sosorosey made bowlee or pencil pot made in the school colors hanging around your dorm room or in the lounge or even the parent/visitor halls!!! Way to go rosey!!! You No Hokie!! :)
I enjoy your narratives almost as much as your marvelous creations!!!!

CelticKnot said...

Ahhhh, familiar colors. Gorgeous bowls, Jennie! As a Hokie, I say Go Virginia Tech and Go UVA! *HUGS*