Saturday, July 4, 2009

Gray or Grey?

I had such fun putting this new treasury together! Searching for "grey" and "gray" items on my teams, and on Etsy in general, produced very different results. While there were almost 42,000 items tagged with "grey", there were only about 36,000 for "gray". Savvy sellers spell it both ways in their tags to make sure that no matter how the searcher spells it, it will show up!
Please click on the photo to go straight to my treasury page. Leave a comment, too- it will let these sellers know how much you like their work!
And by the way, how do you spell it?


Angela said...

I spell it with an "e"

You are right, savvy sellers DO spell it both ways.

iloveetsy said...

I spell it with an "a"

You did a great job with the gray treasury. I perused some of the! I like peeking through the various crafters work for future reference and potential purchases. I'd like to furnish my home with all etsy crafters...they all represent pure talent, reasonable prices, and awesome products!