Friday, September 4, 2009

Moving On Up

Oh, sorry...didn't mean to put the Jefferson's theme song into your head for the entire day...hehe. The rag basket is now 14" in diameter and over 2 inches high. All that you see here has been crocheted from only one and a half of the smaller sized rag balls! They are so tightly packed it is unbelievable.

The second ball I used had thinner strips, and mostly colorful cotton. This one gave me a bit of a setback, as one of the fabrics was extremely brittle and kept breaking whenever I would come to a section of it. That's when I decided to set that ball aside and start on a third ball in hopes of finding stronger material. That plan is working well so far. Be back in a few days with more of the rag basket tale!


ma said...

Your basket is coming along beautifully! It will be quite a "star" when all is said and done! As the balls unwind into their new skin, the colors and pattern revealed are lovely and they work so well with each other, amazing! I can't even begin to imagine the amount of time and "extra effort" will have gone into this creation...all those balls and all those strips....lots and lots of work, work, work!! Go Girl, it's coming along magnificently!!!

PussDaddy said...

It is really pretty.