Tuesday, September 1, 2009

So Far So Good

The base of the antique rag ball basket is about 11" across. I am pleased with how it is looking so far! The mix of fabrics is just amazing; from knit to silk to barkcloth to lace to cotton. Each fabric is sewn very securely to the next, and as I work I am constantly struck by the huge amount of work that went into these.

It was a challenge to choose the best crochet hook for this job due to the varied heft of the materials; I finally settled on one that is a size or two larger than the one I typically use. This was necessary because there are a few materials that have become brittle with age- I can't push and pull with my usual wild abandon.


There are 3 more inches of diameter to put on the base, and then I'll start to go up with the sides. Stay tuned for an update next week, or feel free to check in on the soon -to-be-up reserved listing in my sosorosey shop.


demandablog said...

How pretty! I love it.

CelticKnot said...

Beautiful! The colors are wonderful.

Anonymous said...

That basket is going to be a masterpiece! It already has that magical look of an antique! I look forward to watching it's metamorphis!