Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Charmed Life

Since their introduction in sosovintage almost 3 months ago, my vintage fabric charm packs have been a huge hit! I am really hoping that as projects get completed, some of my customers will share photos with us. Seeing these beautiful fabrics appreciated by artisans around the world fills me with joy and purpose. Is that silly? I love thinking up new combinations of colors or themes to create. Here is the newest bundle... "oranges". Next up will be "shabby chic"! Besides quilts, what do you think people are making with these 6" by 6" squares? I'm dying to know!


Karen said...

I love those colors! Shabby is my favorite....I could make some cute little posey flowers with 6 x 6 squares!

jinks said...

Your arrangement of colors is so inviting! That shade of peach is so soft and delicate looking, quite a peaceful orange line-up you have there!

Don't know what they're making...maybe stitching them together for pillow cases for beds, chairs, etc...or, maybe they're making clothes! Those patch fabric burmudas are all over the place these days! I look forward to seeing if any of those crafters let you know what their projectrs are!


Nicole Austin said...

i love your vintage fabric charm packs! i've been meaning to make a quilt with the ones i bought from you a while ago. i'll send photos when i get a chance. :)

BizzyDays said...

Love the colours Jennie :) It must take you ages to cut these out neatly, and they're so reasonably priced! I've only resisted as we're trying to move at the moment...But like you, I'd love to see what people were making too...
Have a great day Jennie
Donna x