Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Co-inky dink!

Last week, I sold this fun little item in sosovintage. I was a little sad to see it go- it made me happy just to see it in my shop. As luck would have it, I found the one pictured above a few days later! Coincidence? Fate? Whatever the case, I'm thrilled to have another one to put on the cyber-shelf. What do you have on your shop or home shelf that just makes you smile?


Ribbons Undone said...

Funny--this post comes in a timely fashion for me. I haven't been doing much for my Etsy "shelf" lately. Haven't been crocheting much at all. I was doing a little sewing for myself, simply to learn. Well, couple that with being Mom and completing household duties, there just hasn't been any time to dedicate to Etsy.

I gotta stock my shelves. Seeing your post about your lovely Christmas gift for your mom really got me thinking. So--autumn, I'm beginning to think of autumn. I spent today trying to teach myself a newsboy hat crochet pattern.

Thanks for the cyber-nudge, Jennie!

Donna's Ojibwe Art said...

Ever cool, my Mom used to have one of those hanging by the sink in the kitchen. She would put her rings in there while washing dishes. So nostalgic.