Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thursday's Treasure

This masterpiece was painted by my little Picasso! The craft was a gift from Sophie's great Aunt Irene, whom you may remember from my Mother's Day treasure post. The frog planter itself is a treat, but even more than that, our time together working on this will always be a fond memory .
I can't express how much we appreciate the thoughtfulness of our *Michigan relatives*. In Christmas of 2008, Sophie's gift from them was a teddy bear... and each month for the next year, her bear got a new outfit in a special package sent just to her. This year, she was given a "craft of the month" gift- so now each month a package arrives for Sophie with a new craft project inside. Isn't that just the most kind and thoughtful gift idea you've ever heard of? We both look so forward to the packages, and each time we open one, we feel the tremendous love and care tucked inside.


E. Fernandez said...

cute frog, Sophie did a nice job! And that is a special thing to find a gift in the mail each month, lucky girl!

Dianna said...

Aww, I love gifts from little ones! Great job Sophie

river rocker said...

Lucky Sophie and Mom! These craft gifts are a most valuable treasure as they provide loving memories for each of you! A SHOUT OUT to Aunt Irene!!

Ribbons Undone said...

Oh, why oh why can't we be neighbors? I wish you and your family lived right next door to me. Sophie and the kids could play and paint, ride up and down my driveway with scooters, have picnics, and read to each other.

You and I could sit on my porch with cold iced teas and crochet all day! Ahh--what a dream I have.

I absolutely love the teddy bear and outfit/craft-of-the-month ideas. This truly keeps bonds strong when people do live so far. Thanks for sharing Sophie's artwork; she did a really nice job--such detail! My son painted outside today on the porch; he had a blast--I love good, clean, simple fun.

BizzyDays said...

Aaww, this is so cute:0) Sophie's done a great job on Mr Frog. What lovely relatives you all have Jennie. So thoughtful and generous. Sophie must be waiting by the letter box each month :)
Have a lovely weekend Jennie. x