Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Fun: Price Is Right Game 4

Welcome! Come join the fun- the more, the merrier!

The Game: I show you my thrift shop haul from one recent outing. You leave a comment with your best estimate of the total amount that I paid. For you sticklers out there, this does include sales tax. The person who comes closest without going over wins!
The Rules: One clear and definitive guess per person- no amending your answer. Please do not choose the same answer as a person who came before you- check the comments before leaving your guess. Game goes through Sunday at 8 am EST. I'll post the receipt and winner here. Please be sure I know how to get in touch with you- either through email or Etsy shop name. Play nice and have fun :)
The Prize: The satisfaction of winning, AND $5 in "soso bucks"- can be applied to any purchase in either of my shops. Can be saved and spent at a later time, up to one year. Can also be combined with future "soso bucks" wins! Not redeemable for cash. Non-transferable.
The Stuff: This week the loot is from a small charity thrift shop, non-sale day. Prices here are on the low side for most items.

Beautiful vintage photo album- unused - made in Japan

~*~ Unopened craft supplies from the 1960s
Striped pink polyester "strawberry" fabric - approximately 1yd.

2 spools of old cotton calico fabric ribbon


I really look forward to your comments and guesses. Have a wonderful weekend!!


PussDaddy said...

Ok I'll play. My guess is 8.00


E. Fernandez said...

my guess, you had a really great day and paid $5.00. Have a great weekend!

Linda said...

I would have paid $4.75

Have a great weekend.

AZBelle (Sandy) said...

My guess is $6.15.

Kathryn said...

My guess is $3.75 plus whatever the tax is in your area. Wish I knew. So, I'm guessing .24 cents tax. So, my final if you add on the tas. is $3.99. That's my guess. :)

The Catnap Cottage said...

Ok, I am intrigued - how about $3.25..... nice finds!!

BizzyDays said...

OOooo, I like this game :)
I guess $7.20
Fingers crossed...
Have a great weekend Jennie .
Donna x

Dianna said...

Hmmm...Idk. $12.27? This is a tough one!

river rocker said...

Here I go again!! My best guess is $9.00. Have a super great week-end!

Nicole Austin said...


i'm so bad at guessing prices! fun to try anyway!


ANGELsTIME said...

Hi! My guess is: $7.20!

jessijewels said...

that fabric is so YOU. great finds. my guess is $4.11.

CelticKnot said...


lisajhoney said...

my guess is $5.50

miss chris said...

Great assortment of items! I think you hit the jackpot.

I'm terrible at guessing games, but I'm going to go with $4.49....


kmul2 said...

I'm guessing $6.95. You picked up some fun stuff!

Schar Freeman said...

I gonna guess $2.78

great finds!

Arthur said...

I had a number, but two other people are very close, so I have to amend it. :)

$5.60 is my guess.

I am no thrift shopper, though, so I could be waaay off. LOL

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

My gues.... $2.50

Cindy said...

My guess is $1.89