Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coming Soon

It's been a long time since I've added a wallflower to my shop!
Don't forget, besides looking pretty on the wall, they serve as lovely trivets on your spring table!

I loved this fabric so much that I made an oval egg basket out of it, too. This one can replace the one that sold yesterday :)
And, we can't forget sosovintage! These three lovely vintage sheet fabrics are freshly laundered and soon to be listed. Hope you are having a sunny day!


Donna ~ Love.Hope.Craft said...

OOoo..scrummy colours too jennie:0)
When I was noseying through your shops the other day, I was thinking about the baskets that you made last year for Easter...I LOVED the handles on them, much, much better than mine :)

The wallflowers you make are so pretty, as are the little egg baskets you've got there, such a lovely shape.
Take care Jennie,
Love n Hugs xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Laura said...

I love the wallflower!!!...and the bowl is lovely!!!

Ribbons Undone said...

So pretty, Jennie. I adore those springy colors. I'm definitely seeing how the days are getting longer and the sun, when shining, feels warmer and brighter.

A lot of little stuff going on here lately. Haven't had much time to blog lately. Will get on it soon again!

Minx's Den said...

i just love your craftsmanship! that beautiful sheets too!

Maite - vitoma said...


Clara said...

Love the egg basket.