Friday, February 4, 2011

Makeover Monday {a little late}

I received a special package in the mail this week- the *going home from the hospital* outfit of a little one here in Virginia.

Her mommy wanted a custom star made from the outfit! Having never crocheted one of these from a baby gown like this, I wasn't sure how much fabric I'd need. I was pleased that I only needed to cut the main body of the gown...the hat and booties can be used for another purpose or packed away as keepsakes.
Rag rug update: 43" down, 17 more to go!
Ant farm update: many down, about 6 left!


Donna ~ Love.Hope.Craft said...

LOL. Oh no Jennie, just SIX ants left :0)
I hope little Sophies ok about this. Did they just die? Or eat each other? Or even escape? I don't know much about ants, so I'm not sure what their life expectancy is...
I love your star, and what a sweet little outfit to work from :0)
how lovely for someone to send you that to do.
Can't wait to see the rug Ta-Daah.
Have a great weekend Jennie, and look after those remaining ants :0)
Love n hugs xx

Ribbons Undone said...

So very sweet. I must say that I am often surprised by the cherished items that are sent to you for you to cut into. Don't know if I could do it!

Melissa said...

The star turned out beautiful :)

Minx's Den said...

that looks awesome jennie, your craft is just so flawless!!

Laura said...

it looks grate!!...I had my new fabrics!!..thank you so much I loved was grate to open the package and see the surprise!

take care!!

Jennie said...

Donna~ I'm not too much of an expert on the ants either, lol. They have died over time, and when they "pass" the other ants carry the body to the surface. Apparently this is an instinct of theirs to avoid contaminating the quarters if the death is due to disease. None have escaped, though they have certainly given it a good effort. After they dug enough holes to be satisfied with their tunnels, they haven't done much of anything that we can see. They just sort of hang out and huddle together. They don't have a queen, so there is no procreating to keep them busy. With this type of ant farm, you are supposed to be able to flush it out with water once the ants are all one- and start over with a new set of ants. We may try that with some of the carpenter ants we find around here...
More than you ever wanted to know, right? xo

Clara said...

The star is so pretty and such a beautiful keepsake.