Sunday, February 20, 2011

Spill It Session #3

There I am: the skinny, pimply, awkward 9th grade new girl in town. Virginia Beach, Virginia. First week of high school. Dressed out for PE. Running the track. As far from the door to get back in the gym as it's possible to be. A seagull passing overhead takes aim, fires. Nails it. A giant, runny white splotch lands on my head. Not the back of my head. Or the side. Nope. Right in front.
In a shocked stupor, I jog the rest of the way around the track with my hand on my head- looking like I'm in some sort of swoon, I'd imagine. Running inside without even asking permission, I tried my hardest to wash the gunk out of my hair in the bathroom sink before anyone could figure out what I was doing.
I foresaw some kind of scene out of Carrie...all the kids pointing and shrieking as I walked down the hall. In actuality, there was only mild ribbing. To my shocked surprise, I did not come away from this incident with any permanent nickname or mental illness. Still, over 25 years later, I count it up there as one of my most embarrassing moments. We all have them, right? Please, oh please, leave a comment and share one of yours!


Minx's Den said...

well, i was highly teased at school from ages 7-18 for many embarrassing and various stupid reasons, but the most embarrassing moment i had was my junior year in high school, it was the early morning, just got to school, was feeling very sick to my stomach, and then as I was walking down the hall to my first class, I felt like I would be puking in 5 seconds or less, there was a bathroom about 50 feet away, but sadly I started puking as I was running and all of it came out of my nose instead of my mouth cause I was trying to keep from upchucking out of my mouth....everyone in that 50 feet stretch saw what was happening, they were all like "gross" and by the time i reached the bathroom, I was done puking...of course I went home 10 minutes later (it was the flu) and a week later when i returned back to school my new nickname was "dragon" and the whole school new it by that time...really embarrassing....

Jennie said...

Oh, Lauren. I just want to hug your high school self. How perfectly awful for you. Kids can be so cruel. xo

Minx's Den said...

they sure can! I was very passive and naive back then which i guess warrants cruel behavior from others...that and I dealt with being overweight most of my life, which was the main reason why kids were so stupid, but college changed that and it was quite the opposite for me, I made so many great friends, and was quite the popular one! that and I don't think I truly found myself and who I truly was until my 20's anyway,

Laura said...

The same happened to me at high school,I used to hate myself I had a really hard time,but when I was around 21 and I went to Art school everything changed!
At high school I had a really embarrassing moment,I wont never forget about it,it was my first year there,after spending my last 8 years on a religious school only with girls,being in class with boys was something crazy,one day when class was over I got up of the chair and I saw a red spot on it!!,my pants were red too and I really didnt know what to do, so I set down and waited until everybody got out of the room to get up,clean up the chair and find something to cover my butt!...I felt so bad!...I think most of the kids have a really hard time around that age!

Donna ~ Love.Hope.Craft said...

Your 'spill it' sessions make me crack up. I love the title :0)

Heres one (a bit late I know, but it still makes me cringe so I thought I'd share)

When I was 13 I used to have a pony called Apples.
I took her away to pony camp that summer, and while there we joined in a 'drag' hunt (where you chase a person instead of a fox -MUCH nicer:0)
We were galloping over the parched fields where the cows had been, and all the ground was poached and cracked, Apples fell over and rolled on me. I was extremely lucky as Apples was fine, and all i received was a broken shoulder (Hang on Jennie, I'm getting there :0) The lady in charge of the pony camp came and picked me up from the field and drove me for what seemed like ages to the hospital, - the pain was immense I still remember it!
So there I was, laying in the hospital bed in a room on my own, and the nurses kept sniggering - I didn't see what was funny. Then I looked up, and there were my parent standing outside the room door looking through the glass....sniggering. Now I was getting worried as to why everyone was laughing at me.
My parents walked in, and messing about my Dad held his nose (Bear in mind all this time I was getting NO sympathy! )
The nurse brought me a mirror, and I looked and saw my that luckily for me I had landed face first in a cow pat which had protected my nose from one had yet wiped the cowpat off my face and head as they were all have such a good time laughing at me!
I didn't get it off properly till i got home next morning .LOL :0)

lesliemehlart said...

whoa ..all you poor babies!! is it not amazing that we all turned out relatively sane ( well, most of us!LOL!!) let's see, i've had so many embarassing moments.
ok..out for my 21st birthday in nyc with my madison square garden after seeing the band "chicago"..we're walking out of the building and i'm wearing my new multi colored suede platform shoes..(yes, i was a hippie flower child) and i fall down about 20 steps right in the front of the building..and as i lay there , humiliated and all these people came running to help, he stood at the top of the steps yelling "how could you embarass me like this?" that was worse than falling down the steps..and yes, broke up with him, and yes, 100 years later i still remember how embarassed i was and how bad i wanted to put one of those shoes in a part of his body that a lady won't mention.

Ribbons Undone said...

I too was pooped upon while on the Cape May-Lewes ferry for a lovely afternoon joyride!

I was teased in high school a bit for being too skinny and too quiet. I haven't changed much, and I don't plan on it! However, those jeers and comments still play in my head from time to time; sometimes I still feel like I'll never measure up.