Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Vera Good Day

I went thrifting the other day looking for a particular item. But, of course, I took my time and poked through the entire store. I am so glad I did!
~*~ First I peeked in the area of "new and still boxed housewares and home decor items". I have never actually found anything of value in this section, but one never knows what one will find. On this day, I spied the Vera signature and lo and behold! A perfectly 70s vinyl tablecloth new in its package. Wow.
Next, I sauntered over to the sheet section. Holy moly! TWO sets of Vera twin sheets in this fantastic blue lily and tan leaves combo.
Finally, the icing on the cake from the towel section. Unbelievable pair of Vera bath towels in pristine condition.
It was a "Vera" good day to be a picker! hehehehehe
Interested in reading more about this amazing designer? Check out a super informative blog post by clicking HERE!


Minx's Den said...

such great finds! love them all!!!

Donna ~ Love.Hope.Craft said...

Jennie, I've just spied your cute bunnies are back in your shop too :0)

I love your 'sauntering' over here, part of your post. How big are your thrifty shops? Ours are the size of matchboxes!
Not in any of ours are there sections for sheets etc...You're lucky to find them believe me, and I try HARD!
OOoo, I'm moaning now aren't I ? LOL

I love your finds, and now I'm off to read about Vera :0)

Thankyou for your kind words on my blog. You make my day with your comments :0)
Have a great day Jennie xxxxxx

Jennie said...

Donna~ Your comments make my day as well :) Our thrifty shops vary greatly in size. The two that I favor are very large- like department stores! Maybe you'll run into a big one on travel one day... or you can always come visit and I'll show you around!!

Clara said...

Vera good!