Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Another Kind of Picking

Sunday dawned cool and crisp, so we decided to venture out west toward the mountains to do a little apple picking.  The leaves were colorful, and the orchard was full. 

The smell of apple turnovers and freshly baked apple bread, pies, and cinnamon sugar donuts wafted out of the orchard store.  I told Sophie if she'd help me get some good photos she could have a donut when we finished picking.  I was really hoping to get a good shot to use for a Christmas card, and hey, a little bribery never hurt anyone.
She loosened up a little once we told her she could go up into the trees a bit to search for apples.  This was her first tree climbing experience, and now she's hooked.
The problem with going so late in the season was that many of the apples near ground level were picked or had fallen.  We chose not to get one of the long picker thingies when we started out- a bad decision that we only realized after we had trekked up and over the mountain.  So, orchard rule number two *no climbing the trees* was broken.  Hubs can be a bit of a scofflaw, but he is also very enviro-friendly, so he was a considerate climber.  No broken branches in our trees!
I'm not 100% certain, but I think we may have gotten at least one apple from every tree.  It seems like just when we thought the bags were full and it was time to leave, one of us would spot another "good one".  Guess how many pounds of apples we had when we finally got back for the weigh in?  Go on- guess.  I'll post the answer tomorrow, as well as share the recipe I used to make a yummy apple treat!


Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

The place where you went apple picking looks amazing Jennie.
Pleased you all had a great time there and I bet it did smell delicious too! I love the smells of apple and cinnamon..Mmmmm :o)

I'm gonna guess that you picked at least 22lb worth of gorgeous crunchy apples :o)

Have a lovely day Jennie.

Ribbons Undone said...

What a fun jaunt out at the orchard! Love the pictures, but I especially enjoy how you write.

How's the job going? Part time, right? I've been babysitting part-time. Surprisingly, I am loving it and am bonding with this little baby. I'll be sad when she turns one and goes to daycare full time. Yuk!

Jennie said...

Thank you for guessing, Donna!

Whoo boy, Victoria- babysitting! I might enjoy it for 30 minutes, but I'm glad there are good souls like you in the world :)

As for my "job", it hardly qualifies as such at this point. I have had one meeting, and have another scheduled for early November. So, it's very part time, unless I take on more than one teacher at a time. I like that I will get a paycheck (albeit small) each month, and that I get paid for travel time. And that I totally make my own hours and don't have anyone to whom I need to report. So far so good!

Mom said...

Great pictures! I won't even venture as guess BECAUSE Mom already knows!!!! :) Glad you had fun and I look forward to your receipe posting tomorrow!!