Monday, October 24, 2011

Makeover Monday:10/24

Happy Monday!  It's a fresh new work week, and I have a fresh new project keeping me busy.  A request for a 2.5 foot by 6 foot rag rug in sage, celery and rose gave me the chance to gather up this bundle of oh so shabby chic fabrics.
As I was shopping for fabrics and noticing how absolutely beautiful they looked together, it occurred to me to ask my customer if she'd like to take a chance and let me try something new.  Since the customer is my mom, she decided to trust my instincts and allow me to make her rag rug from the same midcentury pattern that I used for this cotton yarn rug.
Here she is so far, one fourth finished at 30" wide and 18" long.
And a closeup of the texture.  I have been searching for a way to give my rugs an extra special touch, and I think maybe I've found it.  I really like the softness of the weave and the way the colors blend without a distinct striped effect.  Fingers crossed that Mom loves it, too :)


Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

Is this 'crazy stitch' jennie?
With fabric strips?

You are AMAZING! I tried doing some different stitches with my rag strips during the summer hols..and failed miserably :o)

Your mum is going to be over the moon when she gets this!
I so love the fabrics you used too:o)

Have a great week my lovely friend.
Take care now,
Love Donna xxOOxx

Jennie said...

Aw, thanks, Donna *blush*
I wasn't sure what the crazy stitch was, as the stitch does not have a name in the pattern I have. I looked it up online, though, and it is definitely in that family of stitch. The instructions I saw on the web use a different # of stitches, but it is the same idea. I'm hoping you are right and mum is over the moon :) xoxo

mum said...

I AM over the moon!! She is a beauty....I can tell already that I love her! She looks very soft and most beckoning....I can hardly wait....but wait!!....when you accepted my request I said, "no rush" darling girl, so please just take your time and work me in when you can!! You have found a wonderful now/old way to fashion your fabulous rugs!!!

emily said...

This is so lovely! I really love the wiggly effect that the stitch has that helps blend the fabrics together. Can't wait to see it finished! Hopefully your mom will show it to us in its new home!

Jennie said...

Oh, Mom- I'm so glad you are loving your beauty of a rug- just wait til you see her in person this weekend :) I'm not rushing at all... I just can't stop working on her whenever I have the chance. Unfortunately this week is going to be tough, but after Halloween, I'm back at it!!

Thanks, Emily! Your opinion means a lot. I know we'll get *in situ* pix for sure, and I'm looking forward to those too :)