Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday's Treasure

Well, what is NOT a treasure (unless you are a fish or a duck) is the weather we are having these last couple of days.  More rain, and lots of it.  But, I did manage a decent shot of this adorable fabric today.  It's a homemade pillowcase, and I found it tucked away in the sleeping bag section of the thrift store.  Treasures are very often found in the most unlikely places!


Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

This is a cutie!
Love that bunny shaking his tail :o)

Hope alls well with you and yours Jennie.

Ribbons Undone said...

Ugh, this weather--so soggy, damp, and dreary. Yuk. I really enjoy autumn, but it seems to be getting off to a slow start.

Love this fabric. The colors, the critters, so retro cute!

Anonymous said...

This is the most adorable fabric I've ever seen! It would be so cute to make a quilt around this. You have such a great blog, I look forward to reading more!