Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rug In Black

After I posted pics of my jute mat, I had someone express interest in a black version.  OK, fine- my MOM expressed interest.  She counts- believe me, she's one of my all-time best customers!
In any case, here is the rug in black yarn.  Three strands of soft, specialty acrylic known for its washability, durability and lasting beauty.  She is almost 2 feet wide by 40" long.  All yours if you like her, Mama.  No pressure if it isn't what you were looking for... I can always pop her in sosorosey for someone else to love :)
PS- this IS a true black black even though it has a brownish tinge in the photos.  We have a stormy day today, and even my fancy photo light can't work miracles with this gloomy lighting.


gillyflower said...

It's amazing Jennie - I love it and I'd love to try to make one similar!
It looks chunky, practical and hardwearing.
I bet your Mom has already said yes please!
Gill xx

Mom said...

Well, what a surprise for me! I just happened to check into your "home away from home spot" and what do I spy on your home page....a very nice looking "black" rug! She is quite lovely! I do believe I love her! I can't get her size and look right in my mind because she looks so long as compared to the jute one that was like a square!! I'm thinking I'll make her MINE!!!


Ribbons Undone said...

Ooh, classy rug, Jennie! I think it's really sharp. By the way, I love your makeover Monday post. Your house looks beautiful--so warm and inviting.

Shari said...

A very lovely rug indeed! Now I am off to buy new yarn and make my own! Thanks for another wonderful idea! Shari

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

A most beautiful rug Jennie.

It just makes me want to walk barefoot across it on one of those days when your feet really ache!!
I bet it feels gorgeous!