Saturday, October 27, 2012


Oh, she's looking like a doozy, folks!  Hurricane Sandy (or the freakish amalgamation of storms that meteorologists are dubbing "Frankenstorm") is on target to hit our area very soon.  The latest from MSN can be seen HERE.
So what is it like in the northern VA area?  I ventured to the store today in search of bottled water and a lantern.  I found a near empty water aisle and no lanterns to speak of.  But, we're probably as prepared as we will be.  We have enough tuna and peanut butter to last us for quite awhile.  Lots of candles, flashlights and batteries.  Gas in the cars and gas for the grill.  Charged up devices.  Firewood.  Plans to sleep in the basement.  And plans to be without power, probably starting sometime tomorrow.  Maybe we'll keep it until Monday, but our neighborhood is notorious for losing it as soon as the wind begins to consider gusting.
So, my hatches are battened.  If I don't post for a few days, you'll know I'm just miserable without electricity.  For my friends in the path of this crazy monster, stay safe!  See you all on the flipside.


Runs With Scissors said...

Be safe, Jennie. We are preparing for the worse and hoping for the best.

We decided to run out, just to get out and it was just way too strange, like a ghost town and so quiet and calm.

We were told to prepare for days without electricity. I have crafts ready to keep me busy!

Check in when you can! I'll do the same. Take care, all those in the path of this doozie!

g'burg mama said...

Stay safe one and all!

Maybe you can hunt down some water today...even if just a case! Water is about the one main thing you need to have around! Toilet flushing as well as drinking and cooking! I'll send up a little request to the water guru and hope that helps you find some!

When the barometer drops you may notice it in your family members...they get a little weird: hyper, moody, and freaky....that's been my observations anyway! Just leave the hatches open a hair so you can stick your nose out from time to time to get a little air if the indoor air gets a wee bit crazy!

Take care and keep up your good cheer! Hopefully it will be here and gone in a wink!

Cerise said...

Hope you and yours stay safe. This is one of the few times I'm glad I'm no longer living on the east coast!
Hopefully her bark is worse then her bite.

Anonymous said...

jennie, just managed to pop in to let you know i'm thinking of you all my lovely, and will be waiting anxiously till i no you're all safe and well. wish i could come and whisk you away for a few days my lovely.
i know you'll do everything to stay safe. hope you have managed to get some water by now.
love and big safe hugs to you all.

missing you tons, but hope to be in england tomorrow [monday] night with good internet i'll have my eye on the comp. till i know its past.

take care our jennie.
xxooxx d.

TACIStudio said...

Hoping you are safe and didn't get hit too hard !