Monday, October 29, 2012


It's a good thing I'm not (too much of) a betting woman, because I'd have bet the farm we'd be without power by now!  The wind gusts are getting creepily strong, though, and the storm is not expected to peak here until the wee hours of the morning.  Until then, I will be cozied up on the couch enjoying every minute of electricity and watching The Weather Channel.  And crocheting, of course ;)


Cerise said...

Stay safe! Hope you keep your electricity!!

Runs With Scissors said...

How did you do it? We lost power last night. It sure was a wild ride, the wind was so unreal.

I'm glad for laptops with batteries and generators!

Jennie said...

I have NO idea how we managed to not lose power, Karen. Only thing I can think is that the crews had been out in force in previous weeks cutting back trees from the power lines in preparation for winter. They must have done a great job! I'm sorry you are without power, but so glad you have a generator. Hope you get restored soon!