Saturday, October 20, 2012

Friday's Favorite Fabric Finds

I lost a day!  But, I'm back with some beautiful yellow and/or blue fabrics to share.  All of these would be absolutely gorgeous as inspiration for a baby boy quilt.

The first and last are my personal favorites this week- how about you? 
The leaves are at their peak around here, and fall is in perfect season.  Sophie has been chosen as "Panda of the Week" for her class for next week, so we have lots to do to prepare her special poster.  We also have a bat costume to finalize.  What's on your agenda for this weekend?


Teapot Lane said...

Love all the fabrics this week...specially the stylised number 1 :)

'Panda of the Week' sounds interesting, and I'm looking forward to seeing Batgirl :D

Our agenda is driving to Belguim tomorrow, and travelling under the 'channel tunnel'....
Should all be interesting!

have a great week my dearie.

Ma said...

Love the first fabric...very Man In the Moon looking to me!

Congratulations Sophie!! You are the Panda of the week in my book EVERY WEEK!!!

I think Sophia will make the most adorable bat in town!! Can't wait to see some pictures! xo