Thursday, December 17, 2009

Pretty Polyester

I know, I know... it seems like an oxymoron. Pretty polyester. I have been pleasantly surprised by the beauty of a few of my finds lately, though.
~*~Silky lavender and orchid paisley
Raised knit floral in white and aqua

Waffle weave mint argyle
I have between a half yard and three yards of these fabrics... what do you suppose a sewing person would make with these? Pillows? Totes? I'm not sure, but I could look at that aqua one all day!!


whitetail said...

Well, I certainly agree with you about the aqua fabric...just so pretty! I was thinking about those fabrics and I think the trio would make lovely table placemats! I can only imagine how lovely they would come out but I see them putting the perfect oomph! to someone's vintage kitchen!! PS...your stars are're onto something with all the ways they can be those crocheted lace trim ones! Go soso!!

Evelyn Fernandez said...

I thrifted many polyester fabric with the coolest prints in the past, although I never made anything with them, I offered them in my shop, and they were snatched up so fast. Love the aqua too!