Monday, April 12, 2010

Makeover Monday: 4/12

Happy Monday! For today's makeover, I chose this bright little bug fabric. I originally thought they were ladybugs, but then I realized they have stripes and not spots! Oh well- they look like friendly sorts, anyway.
~*~Since my first listed wallflower is on its way to Portugal (yay! a new country for my list!), I needed to make a new one to replace it in my shop.
~*~I tried this photo with the flower on the fabric. I *think* I like it...does it look too busy to you for my first listing photo?
~*~I hope your week is off to a splendiferous start! I have loads of photos to take, listings to create, and a rug to start this week. Also have to get an oil change, and get ready for the big girl bed coming on Friday. My baby isn't a baby anymore- wah!!!!
How about you- what's on your agenda for the week?


Anonymous said...

Jennie, I think it looks great when you stage your photos with the actual fabric in them -it totally gives you a sense of the work thats gone into the product and shows how it's gone from 'this' to 'this'. :)
Children grow up so quickly don't they? I still remember getting the big bed for my youngest daughter -8years ago!
Enjoy your week Jennie :)
Oh, I forgot to say, I like this flower even better than the first one! :)

Ribbons Undone said...

Funny, after my son was picked up for afternoon kindergarten today, I walked in the house, tears in my eyes (again), and said, "My babies are growing up."

Congrats to you and Sophie on the big girl bed--another milestone. Many more to come. Let's cherish each one. Oh gosh, here come the tears again. Sorry.

BTW congrats to you and your sale in Portugal. Lovely flower.

parockhound said...

Your flower is "cute as a bug"! I, too, like it as much as the first's very clean and fun looking and at the same time it's not too busy looking...very pretty!