Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Welcome Back

It seems like it has been eons since I've made a set of rag-topped nested bowls!
I've had the bases of these three made for quite some time, but I've had a heck of a time finding just the right fabric to tie the colors together. I set the bowls aside for at least a month.

On Monday I found the soft old cotton kerchief in photo one, remembered my bowl bases, and brought the nest set back to life.

~*~ While I'm always thinking of new items to make for sosorosey, the rag-top nested bowls are one of my earliest *signature* creations. I'm glad to have some new ones back in the shop :)

How many projects do you currently have sitting around waiting for the perfect finishing touch?
Please share!


BizzyDays said...

Oh Jennie, I have loooaaaadddss! I've got an afghan, a duck, 2 cushions, a rag rug.....the list goes on & on..:)
I would never have thought that your kerchief would have crocheted up showing so much green, -fabric often surprises me when you 'rag' it by what colours are more prominent.
The bowls look fab. I really like all the colours :)
Have a good week Jennie.

Sierra Pelona Crochet said...

I have several crocheted clutch bags waiting for the perfect buttons for their closures. Plus I need to make some little flowers for embellishments as well.

Ribbons Undone said...

I've been pretty good at finishing what I've started. I think it's just a touch of an OCD-pull that keeps me in check. If I have unfinished projects, then my brain feels cluttered. So I try not to let this happen too often!

I have lots of projects and ideas in my head that I can't get to, but that's just life, right? Attending to the house, kids, homework, soccer practice, laundry, and more. Ugh.

I'm working on a crocheted belt now in a lovely bright yellow yarn. Today, while the kids were at school, I sat outside just for a bit and started stitching.

LOVE the colors of your bowls. My favorite grouping.

CelticKnot said...

These are so pretty and springy!

I've got lots of stars, but I'm looking for the perfect containers for them. :-)