Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rustic Clutter Keeper

Just when you thought you'd seen the last of the primitive rag ball creations, you remembered that this is ME that you're dealing with!
The primitive rag balls for this project came from the same Texas ranch heirloom collection as the ones I made so many stars from over the Christmas holiday season.

These beautiful fabrics are primarily 100% cotton, with a couple of blends as well. The maker of the balls did such an excellent job of painstakingly cutting, folding, ironing and stitching the lengths- it made my job a true and uniquely joyous experience.


When you don't cut and wind the fabric yourself (and sometimes even when you do!), it is very hard to know exactly how it is going to work up. How the yardage will translate to becoming a multidimensional object is one of the great mysteries of this craft!

I was more conservative on the width of this one in order to ensure a substantial depth. It ended up being about 10" wide and 6" deep. AND, I still have a bit of one rag ball left! Maybe it will be used for a small bowl- maybe a few stars. Whatever the customer would like works for me...I'm just happy that I have a little bit more left to play with. *sigh*


BizzyDays said...

I like your clutter keeper Jennie the fabrics in it look really cosy :)

risa said...

Beautiful! I love your work!

PepperPi said...

oooohh I do like your work...and those stars are a clever idea :)


CelticKnot said...


Bridget said...

I love this...and also your Sweet Petite Upcycled Vintage Bedsheet Bowl (Pink Grapefruit

nans said...

What a lovely rag ball clutter keeper!! Those rag ball fabrics turn out the most beautiful items! You must feel so special to be able to create such beautiful products and I know that your customers continually come back because they know your work is top notch! Beautiful clutter keeper!