Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Small Town Girl

That's me, a small town girl.  I went to my favorite post office the other day- a teeny tiny place in historic Clifton, Virginia.  Tom, the afternoon postman, greeted me and Sophie as usual.  Then, he said, "Hey, remember when you were in here the other day and we got to talking about those new padded mailers?"  Yep.  "Well, I let you leave without paying!"  Oh my gosh! 
Then, the amazing part?  When I asked about the packages, he assured me they were off and fine.  How could that be?  Well, he wrote a personal check for my postage.  He said he knew I'd be in sooner or later to pay him back.  This is the same post office where Karen, the morning postwoman, sent Sophie's hairbow to my house when she left it on the counter.
30 miles outside of the nation's capitol, where life is a big bundle of bustle, the Clifton post office is an oasis for me.  My daily dose of small town living- my Cheers equivalent!  Do you have places like this where you live? Which are you... a city mouse or a country mouse?


Cassandra {Sleeping or Sewing} said...

Oh that sounds sooo nice. They sound like great people.

The post offices around here are full of grouchy grouches. I do what I can to avoid them, but that's not always possible.

aandboriginals said...

your story is great.... but I am so glad you posted the Journey video with Steve singing instead of Arnel... can you tell I am a die hard original Journey fan !!!

I am a country mouse, btw...

CelticKnot said...

What a wonderful community and a great group of people. I am definitely a town mouse. Love it!

Donna ~ Little Tiny Stitches said...

How nice is that! What a lovely place to be.

Most of our post office staff are a bit grumpy.. You get the odd one that might smile or be polite, but thats about it unfortunately :(

You keep going there lovely jennie,
they sound great.
I'm a country mouse too.

GardenofDaisies said...

Small towns, where everyone takes care of each other! How wonderful!