Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Do You Like BS?

BS- you know... Brussels sprouts.  That's what you thought I meant, right?
These oft maligned veggies are actually one of the only ones that all three of us really like.  And that isn't due to any fancy cooking on my part.  I usually just steam them and add a little butter and salt.  Or, sometimes I saute them with a bit of garlic.  Tonight I think I will give THIS recipe a go... basically my usual saute but adding parmesan for a finishing touch.
So, do you like BS?  I have a theory that they are a love it or hate it food.  Leave a comment and let's see if I'm right! 
PS- clicking on the photo will bring you to a blog called the Tiny Farm Blog.  You can get an interesting,  firsthand account of harvesting Brussels sprouts!  And for a website where you can learn all there is to know about the Brussels sprout?  Right here: http://www.brussels-sprouts.com/BSINFO.htm  I found that one while searching for the correct answer to whether it is Brussels sprout or Brussel sprouts.  Yep, you learn something new every day- if you're lucky!


Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Jennie, Your blog is just so diverse...it's amazing!

Upto the age of 19yrs, the only veggies I ate were salad ones and peas and potatoes.
Then when i moved in with Gary, he ate everything, and made me eat a tiny bit of everything too (hence my theory about if you eat something 10 times...lol).
And now I LOVE brussels sprouts, they are one of my favourite veg...MMMmmm yum, yum :D

Have a lovely evening Jennie, take care my dear,
Love n hugs,
Donna xxOOxx

Stocki said...

I used to hate them.. but I always had them over-cooked...then I met my hubby and he cooks them (just)..they are GORGEOUS! Also, I love them grated and sprinkled on the top of salad.. Mmmmm quite a peppery flavour!

Stocki said...

Whoops I meant to say they are RAW on top of salad... nom nom nom :)x

CelticKnot said...

I admit, I have never actually eaten a Brussels sprout! Perhaps I need to now.

By the way, as an educator, I love your concluding line! :-)

Runs With Scissors said...

"So, do you like BS?"

Nope! LOLOL! No matter how you cook em, the answer is still NOPE!

g'burg said...

Love them....quartered then sauteed or roasted with a little garlic sauteed in olive oil drizzeled over them, salt and pepper...magnificent! I could make a meal of them...with a loaf of fresh bakery rustic french bread...to die for!!