Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Well, That's Different

Assuming that guesses are like cockroaches (you know, for every one you see there are a hundred more that are there), let me put ALL of your minds to rest.  No, I didn't swipe the tail off of the neighborhood fox.  Or chop off a rabbit's foot.  Nothing so dastardly.  All I did was purchase a box of very old bowties in an antique store!
I know the sage checked shirt isn't exactly the best match for the fur tie.  But really, what goes with a fur bowtie?!!!!  Note to self- call Elton John first thing tomorrow am...
I've got to figure out how to photograph and list this thing.  Anyone want first dibs?  Aunt Irene, you KNOW Uncle Phil would look extra dashing in this!!


Runs With Scissors said...

I was going to say bow tie. LOLOL! not.

Teapot Lane said...

Yep so was I! LOL

Jennie, i would have bought this off you in a snip before Christmas!!! Gary J was in an Alice in Wonderland play, and he was the Mad Hatter. I had to pop round all the Charity shops getting him the most oddest clothes i could find, and this would have been perfect!! :D