Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So Peaceful

Oh, look at the boy!  So sweet and soft and sleepy.  He has a couple of funny nicknames that I thought I'd share.  But only if you share a nickname for your pet or child, too!  OK, here goes. 
When my husband puts his hand on Sinatra's chest, the cat wraps his arms around the hand and kicks with his back feet.  This is officially called "rackatacka", and this earned our boy the name "Bunny Cat".   Two other names {whose origins are inexplicable} are Mister Boo and Mister Man.  The latter must be said with a certain accent, so that it comes out slowly, like "Meeeter Man".  Sometimes they get combined into "Meeeter Manny Boo". 
Yep.  Now you know what goes on in my house.  Don't leave me hanging- please share!


Sandy said...

Oh my... our cats have so many nicknames! Here goes:

Cleo is also known as Clee Clee or the CleeMonster

Sammi Jo is also known as Samalamadingdong ... Sammi JoJo..and Blama

Ellie is also known as Smelly Ellie or Miss Ellie or Ellie Belly

Pepe is often called PepDog, The Pepster, Puppy, Pepperoni

Mollie is usually called The Fatness because she weighs 15 pounds!

We just added a new puppy to the household.. no nicknames yet, but I'm sure there will be some!

So glad to know we are not the only ones who give our pets nicknames!

Ribbons Undone said...

I call Catherine "Chicken;" Glenn Jr. is "Meaty Bones;" my husband is "the Big G" or "Goose."

Me? I'm just Vic.

When our cat Charlie was alive, we called him "Chi-Chi."

teanotea said...

Funny. Our Boo and Bunny are two different cats. We have four cats:

Boo (aka Princess Ninja Boo-boo Kitty, aka Boo-zilla), who is our sleek little black monster.

Sully (aka James P. Sully-cat, aka Sullyphant - for the fact that he runs through the house like a thundering herd of elephants) is a gray and white short haired charmer.

Fezzik (aka Fezzie-monster, aka Fezzie-bear) is a short coated black and gray mackeral tabby.

Bunny (aka Dust Bunny, aka Dustin J. Rabbit, aka Bunny-dog) is a medium hair tuxedo cat who barks (really!) and loves having his belly rubbed.

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Pinch, punch first day of the month! Yay February, the month of love :D :D

Well, here goes:

Geri (youngest daughter) is Tiddles, or Tiddly pops! I know it makes her sound like a cat, and I have no idea why I started calling her it, but it's been that for nearly 13years now!
Gary (14yr son) is sausage, boppy boy, garold.
Gemma (16yr daughter). has always beem Tinkerbell or Tinky or tinks. She looked like the fairy when she was little :o)
Me (mum) Little Tiny (when Gary was a toddler he was an enormous baby and toddler especially next to me as I only was little next to him! For some reason him and Geri started calling me Little Tiny. We have no idea why, and they still do! I also get called Curly top and a couple I can't mention LOL.
And I can't tell you hubbys in public... :D

Have a fun evening Jennie...'specially after reading this lot lol


Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

P.s. Sinatra looks soooo gorgeous! xx

Angela said...

LOL this is so funny.....

I call my dog Pepper..... "Chicken Butt", and my husband calls her "Bubba"

I call my dog Zoe...... Zoti (pronounced Zaaati) and my husband calls her Zot (Zaaat)

Weird I know.... I enjoyed this post. :)

Jane S. said...

Our old cat was named Ketchum (from when he was a new kitten and the girls would scream, "Catch him!" as he tore around the house). For reasons unremembered we mostly called him He-Man. Which, of course, resulted in him being called The He-Manator, and in us saying stupid things like "Oh, the he-manity!" from the famous news report about the Hindenburg crashing. You have to say it with a kind of sob in your voice or it doesn't work. :)