Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hasta La Vista Chubby

I am not a health nut, not by a long shot.  But, in my 2012 quest to regain my girlish figure, I've been forced to take a good hard look at some of my very unhealthy habits and make some changes.  Fast food can be blamed for a good portion of the pounds I packed on over the last few years.  Or rather, my EATING of the fast food on a regular basis.  It's so easy.  So satisfying.  Such a lovely guilty pleasure!  I knew it wasn't going to be easy to cut it out of my life, but it had to be done. 
Since I am often on-the-go at the lunch hour, I now make sure I have easy to eat snacks packed before I leave the house.  Carrots, nuts, pretzels.  Anything that's "good" to grab when I get hungry, so that I don't start looking around at restaurants and tempting myself with things I shouldn't be eating.  That works most of the time, but occasionally I find myself without my personal supply.  I've learned not to panic about this.
Determined not to fall back into old patterns, my first line of defense is usually to find the nearest Subway.  Failing that, there's always the pre-packed healthy snacks that they now carry in most grocery stores.   Sometimes you just don't want to get out of the car, though.  Am I right?  It's sad, but true.  Enter the weight-conscious person's dreamy little McDonald's treat: the fruit and walnut salad!  Lowfat yogurt, crunchy glazed walnuts, seedless grapes and red and green apple slices.  210 calories and only $1.49.  This little number has really saved me a few times, so I thought I'd pass it along. 
I'm down over 25 pounds since January, and I'm NOT willing to go back.  I try to add something new to my regimen every month while maintaining what I did the previous months.  So, in January I quit drinking alcohol and eating fast food.  February I added walking.  March I added going to the gym.  April I increased my cardio workouts.  May is "add abdominal exercises" month.  Now that my stomach isn't sticking out further than my chest, I'm ready to tighten up my mid-section.  Do you have any special diet tips that work for you?  Any sure-fire "million dollar abs in 20 seconds" routines to share?  Please leave a comment!


Ribbons Undone said...

Good for you, Jennie! Weight has never been an issue for me; I've always been so petite. HOWEVER, as I am aging, my health is so important to me. Lately, like you, I have been adding lots of super foods into my diet. I always feel satisfied when I eat something that I know is good for me. You can find me inhaling an avocado for lunch sprinkled with lemon juice and sea salt; sprinkling quinoa in my salad or eating it as a side dish to dinner. Nuts--I eat them to satisfy hunger. Berries--toss them in my cereal or yogurt.

Fast food is a no-no here; however, I will treat the kids once in a blue moon. I'm not a great cook, maybe that works in my favor, so I tend to make dishes that have very little ingredients. You know, like olive oil, garlic, a few tomatoes and throw it over pasta. Take out is a no-no too. Occasional pizza--gotta have that!

Exercise? Ummm--don't really do it anymore. But I DO run around the house! Does that count?

Keep going, girl!

Sandy said...

Congratulations, that is awesome! I too am trying to be healthier and have shed 15 lbs, but have more I would like to lose.

I have used an app on my iphone to help me lose weight - it is called "My Fitness Pal" and has really helped me stay on track.

CelticKnot said...

Congratulations, Jennie! I am SO proud of you!

Jennie said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies!

Victoria- I'll bet it's all that cleaning that keeps you thin! I'd rather go to the gym any day, though.

Sandy- I need to check out that app- sounds like fun. Congrats to you, too! Ideally I'd like to lose 25 more... we'll see :)

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Hey, I thought in your blog post title you were talking to me :D

Now, on your back my dear. knees pulled up, hands behind your head and slowly lift your head off the ground doing an extremely mild sit up. Brilliant way to start that ab crunching!
You'll get to do more and 'crunch' further as the days progress. Start off with five and go up :o)

I'm so proud of you!!

proudmama said...

I'm very proud of you always I'm proud of you but your new diet regimen is a feat to really brag about! I know it's very hard to knuckle down and do it because I've not been able to! I always vow that I'm not going to eat this or that or I am going to do this or that and I never really get to it! You on the other hand, just do it...with wonderful results I might say! You look fabulous and with your lost pounds, you look younger and younger with each passing day! Congratulations to Jennie!

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Hear hear, proud Mama :o)