Tuesday, April 3, 2012

If I Could Sew

 I was drawn to the vintage fabric of this item as it hung on an endcap at the thrift store.  So, I picked it up... and...
.. oh my gosh, the CUTENESS!!!!  No, it's not a puppet.  It's a potholder!  My new favorite one, I might add.  It is handmade~ and very well. 

The interior is lined with a lovely off white nubby barkcloth, and the mouth (where you would grab a hot dish) is lined inside with a pink quilt remnant.  If I could sew, I'd make a whole zoo of these.  It brings me so much joy, it's ridiculous.
If you sew and decide to start making animal puppet potholders, PLEASE let me know.  I would so love to see what you come up with :)


Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

This is just tooooo cute Jennie! I wouldn't have been able to resist either... :o)

Maybe I should be looking through my old pattern books....

Happy, happy holidays Jennie :o)

emily said...

I bet you could come up with a way to crochet something similar!

CelticKnot said...

It's only the best scene from one of the best movies ever! (Caution: Language) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMzTMC3Gotk

Jennie said...

Kristine- I watched the scene, and now must watch the movie. How did this one slip by me? Thank you :)