Wednesday, April 25, 2012

WIP Wednesday

My neutral rug from last week has had to take a backseat to a new WIP!  Remember THIS wedding with the hay bale seating from last summer?  Well, I'm lucky enough to have another bunch of hay bales to outfit for a June 2012 wedding.  Ester from Massachusetts fell in love with the neutral bale covers that she found in THIS blog post.  She'll be tying hers with twine, though- won't that be perfect?  These are the fabrics I've gathered so far.  Once they are approved, I'll get to start the cutting process.
And here we have a mystery WIP that I started last night.  It is something I have been wanting to make for a very long time.  Any guesses?  Barring any crazy happenings around here tonight, I plan to finish this and showcase it with her *sister* tomorrow.
What are YOU working on these days?


Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Jennie, I can't believe that blog post was over a year ago!
I just showed the pictures on it to Gary and he said "I remember those pictures" and he couldn't believe that was a year ago either!

I am so pleased you have another wedding to supply your awesome fabrics to!!
Your customer has good taste! :o)

Your new wip has me totally intrigued! I can't guess what it is at all! So can't wait to see what it really is!!
I'm still quilting along...

Happy happy day jennie.
Love Donna xxOOxx

gillyflower said...

Hmmm not a clue really. Some sort of shawl or shrug?
Havent come across dressed hay bales before, what a great idea for a country wedding - and fun for you to be involved with!
The flower on my blog was a snakeshead fritillary - they are amazing!
Thanks for your comment, and thanks for the fab and generous parcel of fabrics that arrived from your Etsy shop yesterday - such a pleasure to open it!

Gill xx

Ribbons Undone said...

Hmmmmm--a poncho for Sophie? A pot holder? Looks so pretty so far.

Shari said...

Loving the color.. will it be a dress?