Monday, June 18, 2012

Makeover Monday: 6/18

Here is the beautiful tiered planter that hubby gave me for Mother's Day.  We had such a busy month that I didn't have time to buy and plant flowers until Father's Day!  We took a family trip to Lowes and Home Depot yesterday, and after a few hours and a big group effort, the new planter was full.
Since we don't get much full sun in the yard, we situated this planter in a place on the deck where the sun will be maximized.  I'm pretty much using this as my herb garden, with some flowers tossed about to make it extra lovely.
The top tier has rosemary, pineapple sage, and pale pink balloon flowers.  The middle is my "mint" zone- in with the purple and pink petunias I planted apple mint, orange mint, and chocolate mint.  On the bottom, the main star is my sweet basil, with a pretty yellow marigold and another bright lantana plant alongside.  I'm looking forward to using these herbs all summer, and to seeing the bounty spilling over the sides as the months wear on! 
Do you have an herb garden?  What herb do you use the most?


Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

What a pretty planter!

MMmmmm..chocolate mint....and I've never smelt orange mint :o)
And basil. I love the smell of fresh basil...

I have an old butler sink that has our herbs in. We use mints, parsley, basil (but we can't grow this is the garden for some reason it has to stay on the windowsill :o( ) thyme, rosemary and curry plant.

Have a great week with your little walking buddy Jennie.
And I hope the sun shines where you are.

Mom said...

Lovely looking planter, chock full of usefuls as well as beautifuls!! Wishing you much sunshine, a little rain, and much fun watching your garden grow!!!

emily said...

Looks so pretty! I planted catnip and chocolate mint in my "garden" this year. If you saw my garden, you'd know why I put quotes around it!