Wednesday, June 20, 2012

WIP Wednesday

My good friend Emily from this SHOP and this BLOG has been giving me some good ideas about how to market sosofabulous.  She even reminded me that "people love anything that nests"!  So, I took her advice and worked up this set of 4 nesting boxes.  They still fall under *work in progress* because they need their finishing touch of fabric glue to secure the final flaps.
They stack, too!  I sure wish I could convey through pictures how light these are.  It's like magic that they are actually containers because they feel like feathers.
Does anyone have any questions about fabric origami?  I know my other good friend, Karen, asked if this was a secret skill I've been keeping under wraps for years.  Lol!  The folding of paper is something I've been fascinated with since the early 90s.  I taught my middle schoolers how to make a few things when I lived out in Utah, and I folded boxes for each of my wedding guests.
While feeling sorry for myself one day regarding my inability to sew my own projects out of all of these vintage fabrics that I hoard collect, I realized that there are things a person can do without sewing!  I set out to find out how to stiffen fabric and fold it, and I am officially addicted.  LOTS of trial and error over many weeks (yes, I did keep that largely to myself), resulted in a final recipe that I am happy with.  So, aside from giving out my special trade secrets, I'm happy to answer any questions I can about this amazing craft!


emily said...

Yay! Nesting boxes! They are so fun and you have such a great eye for pairing fabrics!

Ma said...

Boxes are awesome!! Can't wait until you visit and give my friends and myself some origami lessons!!! They are most anxious too!

Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

These are beautiful Jennie! :o)

How lovely that you made origami boxes for your wedding!!

I do so think that you've come up with a genius idea doing this!!