Monday, June 4, 2012

Trip Highlights

 How was your weekend?  Mine was fabulous!  I had such a lovely time in Berkeley Springs.  No worries, though, I'm not moving there.  It has the right small-town vibe, and is situated in an extremely beautiful area.  But, I don't get the feeling that the town has all the advantages for schools and kids that I would want for Sophie. 
 My friend and I met around 11:30 at the hotel, checked in, then went to town to have lunch.  Apparently it was "girlfriends weekend" in town.  We never were able to figure out if it was girlFRIEND weekend or GIRLfriend weekend, but it became kind of a silly joke all day. 
We ended up at Temptations Cafe and both had the crabcake special.  SO good!!!  Giant chunks of crab meat, almost no filler.  Had we realized that every shop in town closed at 5:00, though, we might not have lingered so long.  We still managed to squeak in two antique malls and a couple of artsy shops before everything shut down for the evening.
The weather could not have been more perfect.  70ish degrees and partly sunny.  We ended up whiling away the rest of the afternoon and evening, and once we were hungry for dinner it was 10 pm.  Guess what our meal choices were at that time?  McDonalds or Sheetz.  Decisions, decisions.  We chose the latter... basically a sandwich shop located inside of a large gas station for those who don't know.  Not the most elegant, but it was fresh and more or less satisfying.
The next afternoon on the way to pick up Sophie, I found myself in a gigantic building, the Hancock Antique Mall.  Oh, dear- how horrible!  What was a girl to do?  Shop of course!  I didn't buy much, but what I left with was cute.  I'll share the spoils of my trip tomorrow!  Have a great week!


Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

Jennie, I'm so pleased you had a fantastic time! :o)

The photos look so sunny and happy!!
It's a shame that it all shut at 5pm tho'.

And that Hancock Antique Mall looks absolutely massive!! I wanna visit! ;o)
I clicked on to the website and looked at part of the virtual map. Then went to the map of the actual mall, and it's so hard to believe that it's just one big place!!
It looks fabulous!

Hope you've come back all refreshed and rejuvenated for getting on with your 44th year ;o)

Have a great week Jennie.
Love n hugs,
Donna xxOOxx

Mom said...

Happy Birthday to you my dearest daughter...a day early! I know you'll be busy as a bee in the morning getting your dearest daughter off to school and I want you to know how much I hope your day is WONDERFUL! Sunny skies, warm weather, and peace in your heart is what I wish for you from the moment you open your eyes to the moment you close your eyes to sleep! You're an awesome gift and I love you today, ane will tomorrow, and all my days and even beyond! OXOXOOX Mom

Call you tomorrow! :)