Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Treasures Aplenty

Here's the loot from my little trip! 
How sweet are these cupcake picks?
 And their little bunny brothers!
 Pink and blue bird and chick picks
 Super cool Beth Singer Design tile
 A new deck for my card addiction collection... can you see the silver lily-of-the-valley flowers?
 I have no good reason for having purchased this rusty metal travel clock.  The front is so cloudy you can barely see through it!  Just one of those things I bought because I knew no one else would love it like I do.
 Two-table bridge scorepads with tallies in a horoscope theme- new old stock
 Loads of ephemera.  I'm trying to figure this stuff out.  Apparently there was some deal where you sent in your cardboard punch card and received prizes.
My favorite one... I would LOVE to win one of these!  I think I'm a little late though.  I can't find a date, but I'm guessing 60s.
So there you have it.  Not tons, but I sure had fun looking!!  Most of this will be in sosovintage at some point, but if there is something you must have right now, just let me know ;)


Donna -Little Tiny Stitches said...

OOoo, loving your lovely treasures Jennie :o)

Those cake picks are just so cute, and the cards and emphemera too...

You're so lucky to score those cards all in their boxes too..
I still keep looking you know. LOl

Happy last 43 evening Jennie :D

Evelyn said...

love love those cake toppers, how much?

Jennie said...

Thank you, Donna!

Evelyn- they were $4 per set, but someone scooped them all up last night. I guess we weren't the only ones who thought they were cute...